Our Services

Our Services

It would be a tall order to list all of the services we can perform, but below are some of our most common tasks:

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Car Repair Electric Issues

Your vehicle is governed by wires, transistors, nodes, and electronic modules. Almost every module of your vehicle and how it operates involves electronic components. Thousands of components are playing a part in your vehicle’s operations so there is a huge possibility that one or more of them can fail at any time. The failure just like a mechanical failure could hurt your daily activities depending on your vehicle. Among thousands of wires and transistors, finding a faulty one is not at all an easy job. We can solve this problem for you as we specialize in Automotive Electric Diagnosing and Repairs.

We provide a list of services to our customers and our professional experience comprises over years. We have been providing immaculate services to our clients and we are looking forward to the future adding more services to our portfolio. We only hire professionals in our staff with proper certifications and licenses from the regulatory authorities to repair car electric issues. A few of the services we provide are listed as under:-

  • Diagnostic and Repair any Electrical Circuit for Short or Ground(Draw).
  • Repair or Replace or Rebuild any Defective Wiring Harnesses.
  • Diagnostic and Repair any power door locks and Power Windows and Power seats.
  • Repair all kinds of Lighting problems Such as Headlights, Brake Lights and Turn signal lights, and Fog lights.
  • Check Battery, Alternator, and Starters and Replace if needed.

Due to the complexities and sensitivity of electronic components, if any of the car electric issues us not appropriately fixed the consequences could be worrying. Further damage and vehicle faults can be expected so you should only rely on a trusted and market-proven service provider. We have the best electronic diagnostic software and hardware components. We can have an in-depth analysis of your vehicle within a few hours and will inform you about all the issues that require attention.

Head Light Modification

Headlights are extremely important for any vehicle because they make it possible for you to drive safely in the dark. There are different types of headlights available in the market and we would like to mention all of them:-

  • Standard Headlights
  • Projector Beam Headlights
  • Halo Headlights
  • HID Headlights
  • LED Headlights
  • Laser Headlights

Not only we can solve your car electric issues but we can also get any type of headlights for your vehicle. The moment you bring your vehicle to us it is in safe hands because we have been dealing in this industry for several years. We can also modify the lights, you can choose different add-ons, or you can change the color and type. There are hundreds of modification options available and you can choose anything you want. The customization puts the steering wheel in your hands and you can decide to choose the add-on that suits your headlights the best. We would provide you our services and bring the best quality electronic parts for you from the top vendors of the market. You just have to trust us and our services. We will cater to all of your car electric issues at an extremely fair price. There are different packages we offer to our valued customers and you can save quite a lot of money with these offers. All you need to do is to visit us and we will take care of the rest.

Repair Power Doors and Window Services

If your power windows or doors start malfunctioning it is quite a headache. Sometimes they get stuck leaving the window or door open making it dangerous for you while you want to park the car. Imagine the windows getting stuck during an extreme weather condition or when you are rolling down just to get your coffee from a drive-through, wouldn’t it be frustrating?

The malfunction could lead to an accident when it comes to the doors as power windows and doors act as a safety feature as well. So you have to choose a professional team of technicians to repair power doors and windows. A team that follows all the guidelines of safety inspection standards. We have been working in the market for several years and we can fix any issue regarding power doors and windows.

If your window is opening slowly than usual or if the doors get stuck sometimes, you need to visit a technician. Maybe it seems like a small issue but it could lead to bigger problems in the future. You have to get your car checked and a proper diagnosis would tell you all the required repairs.

We have a team of professionals who have been working on different vehicles for a decade. Our team is a mix of experienced and young but talented individuals who have gone through proper training and certifications and can repair power doors and windows any day. Once you contact us we can schedule an appointment and we will diagnose the problems. Once we can pin the problems, we will give you an estimate regarding the pricing and all the components that need to be fixed.

By using advanced technology and a button, you can move up and down your vehicle window. When any parts or components in the power system stop work, your vehicle windows may stay opened or closed. Fortunately, you can avail of our expert technician who diagnoses and repair your power window system right away.

Power Window Diagnostic Procedures

Our technician uses the advanced electrical system to discover the reason for your power window issue. Our technicians use electronic testing equipment or wiring diagram to cope with problems. Common causes of power window failure can be the wiring, motor breaks down, or non-functional switch. We tackle down wiring issues by using the power and ground circuits to trace the culprit. After finding out the problem, our technician prepares the diagnostic report and starts the procedure after consulting the car owner.

Car Power Window Repairs

Typically Auto technicians give preference to replace the faulty part of the window entirely instead of repairing it. To speed up the process, technicians unbolt the old defective components and replace them with new ones to restore the full functionality of your power windows. Power window repairing doesn’t take time once the technician discovers the main issue. It can be more time taking when sometimes changing one part will cause the breakdown of another. Our technician will always fully functionalize your power window issue before hand over to you.

Power Window Repair Shop

You should see a mechanic prevent your power windows’ complete failure if you feel any weird behavior like slow and sluggish. Be proactive and schedule the repair as soon as possible instead of when it stops to the response. You can face the issues to find the expert technician to get the job done quickly.