Some of today’s cars have very complex computer systems and should only be repaired by technicians with expertise. 

Our technicians are certified to perform a wide range of programming services to almost any vehicle. 

With our almost three decades of hands on, practical experience in automotive electronic diagnostics and repair, and auto computer software and hardware service, we are best positioned to provide any necessary repair.

Some of our programing services include:

  • Programming : Flash And Reprogramming , Update Programming, Engine Control Module ( ECM )
  • Power Control Module ( PCM )
  • Body Control Module ( BCM )
  • Transmission Control Module ( TCM )
  • Anti Theft Module ( ATM )
  • Key Fob
  • Instrument Cluster 
  • Power Window Master Switch 
  • TPMS Service
  • Oil Reset Service
  • ABS Brake Bleeding
  • EPB Service
  • SAS Service
  • BMS Service
  • DPF Service
  • Throttle Matching
  • Tooth Learning
  • Injector Coding
  • IMMO Service
  • Windows Calibration
  • Suspension Matching
  • Headlamp Calibration
  • Seat Calibration

Calibration And Adoptions:

  • Fuel System Trim, Crank Sensor Variations, Throttle Sensor, Power Window, Power Seat, Speedometer, Memory Reset
  • Air Bag And ABS ( Anti Lock Brake System ) Diagnostic And Repair .